Friday, February 14, 2014

Conditions Of Your Dream Income Opportunity

How many times have you looked at different income opportunities
just to get mis-guided or left in the dark on how to earn income
with them. I know when I look at opportunities I have a few
important conditions I look for in making my decision to get
involved with them or not. Here's my take on what you should be
looking for and a recommendation.

Let's list down the conditions of your dream income opportunity:

1. It must be free.

2. It must have passive income potential, i.e. you work one-time
and get paid forever!

3. It must have multiple streams of income, so that you can make
money in many ways!

4. It must provide excellent training so that you know exactly
what to do to build your income.

5. It must build YOU a network of leads so that you can tap into
this network for ALL your other businesses in the future!

If this is your idea of a dream income opportunity, then the LeadsLeap online income builder maybe an opportunity you're looking for.

LeadsLeap is a 10-level network leads generation system that
allows you to build an explosive network of leads for Free while
giving you an opportunity to make money through several streams
of income.

First, the LeadsLeap online income builder helps you to build your own network of leads. This is your very own network of leads that you can use to promote all your future businesses!

Second, the system has not 1 but 3 income streams to help you to
make money!

Income stream #1 - You earn a one-time commission from their
one-time-offer. This is a 'super value' offer which is only
offered once to new members. If you have been in the online
marketing business, you would know that the conversion rate of
one-time-offers' are superbly high, especially when the offer is
simply too crazy to reject!

Income stream #2 - You earn monthly recurring commissions from
their PRO advertising membership. Their PRO advertising
membership provides tremendous value that can massively increase
the PRO members' earnings. When their PRO members make more
money, they will continue to stay as a PRO member. This means
you will continue to earn commissions every month!

Income stream #3 - You earn 50% of all affiliate sales generated
through Clickbank and Paydotcom FOR LIFE.

This means whenever they send out a product review on other
Clickbank or Paydotcom products, your affiliate link will appear
50% of the time and you will earn the FULL commission if your
level 1 leads purchase the product!

There is nothing extra you need to do. Just set up your account and promote your affiliate link. You don't have to worry about maintaining your list, sending email newsletters or anything of that sort! All these incomes will just come to you automatically.

In a nutshell, leadsleap will help you to convert your traffic
into sales in many ways while their powerful lead generation
network helps you to multiply that traffic many times back to
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